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Founded in 2013, Cold Bath Street have amassed a wide variety ofrecordings,  shows, workshops, installations and album recordings. Here you can find highlights of over ten years of work, showcasing our wealth of experience and diversity.

Radio Mashups (2015-2016)

Live performances of the Return to the Atomic Age material. The group were joined by poet Winston Plowes, performing poetry inter-dispersed with garbled radio transmission from a vintage receiver. 


Album One: Return to the Atomic Age (2016)

This captures the early line up of the band very well. A big sound with space-rock and reggae influences at its heart. We were working around a set of cues developed through regular rehearsing and concerts. The final piece is one recording - even the poetry readings in the middle were done in the room as part of a single take.”  Recorded and mixed by Joe Fossard. 

UCLan Future Sound: MEGA bath street (2017)

Multiple line-ups of Cold Bath Street come together along with UCLan dance students to perform a large piece taking place across two theatres.

A Dream of Space (2018)

The launch event for the Sound Research Rebellion Album. The group played two sets with two lineups at UCLan's Alston Observatory, accompanied by projections on the observatory's planetarium.  Click to learn more!

Album Two: Sound Research Rebellion (2018)

At this point the band had multiple line-ups and this is represented by an eclectic recording showcasing some particularly interesting free improv material as we started to become much more serious about exploring what the music could do. There were still pre-agreed cues on some tracks but players generally were starting to take more risks. Notably the piano from Con Daniels had a great impact.” Recorded by Joe Fossard and David Maclaughlin, mixed by Simon Partridge.

Ribble Valley Jazz Festival (2019)

The Ribble Valley Jazz Festival in Clitheroe. The group hosted an improvising workshop during the day, followed by a performance in the evening.

Preston Jazz & Improvisational Festival w/Carl Palmer (2019)

The group played alongside very special guest Carl Palmer (of Emmerson, Lake & Palmer) at The New Continental in Preston. 

Album Three: Return to Earth (2019)

The title wasn't just referring to the environment. It was about getting back to people playing music together. We saw other people were wholly reliant on working with computers to make music - that just felt to be missing something very important. So, getting people making music together became part of the band's mission. Gravel Shrine is a highlight also we had the flute of Holly Hughes and guest vocals from Amy Rome on this one.” Recorded and mixed by Graeme Lynch.

Clouds (2021)

Performed at the Balconi event, the group played this piece across the floors of the Harris Museum in Preston during the lock down of the Coronavirus pandemic. Video and binaural audio was captured and streamed live.

The GRID (2022-Present)

Starting in 2022, the GRID system groups players in different orders for the performance's duration. Originally taking place at The New Continental in Preston on a monthly basis, the GRID appears regularly.


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