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Return to Earth CD/

Concerts/Workshops - 2018/19 


The project developed again in this phase to incorporate public workshops to share findings and insights into the improvisation process. Within sessions there was the introduction of discussion of ego and audio space. This was partly necessitated by a large group of up to ten players concurrently onstage.

Cold Bath Street_DSC0923 copy2.jpg

As this phase progressed, it became apparent that one very special thing about Cold Bath Street is that it is a clear demonstration on what can be formed only when people work together. The group as a positive, constructive society, evolving its own identity through organic interaction.  The audience invited not only to witness but also to join in with these interactions. The natural progression of this being that, following the workshop, members of the public joined the band onstage in the Ribble Valley Jazz Festival.  

These real world interactions and joint creativity taking place at a time when some feel forced to exist  in a isolated virtual world onscreen. Hence the title 'Return to Earth' - Come back to the real world. This appeal also tied in with the government announcement of climate emergency and zeitgeist for all of us to change what we do to help the environment.

Key Concerts:

Preston Jazz Festival with Carl Palmer (30/05/19)

Ribble Valley Jazz Festival (04/05/19)

Moor Park High School (08/02/19)

Northern Green Gathering (16/08/19)

Jimmys Manchester (03/12/18)

Blackburn Electric Church (08/06/19)

Greenfield Arts Centre (25/08/19)

Supports with leading improvisers Chris Corsano  and Damo Suzuki at Continental, Preston (08/10/18) and (30/03/19) 

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