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Dream of Space Concerts and Webcasts - 2017/18

(in collaboration with visual artist Anne Fox)


Sessions with improvised visuals quickly spelled out that the group of musicians can within seconds

produce something that functions as music whilst the visual artist, working from a blank canvas, needed time to produce something they felt was ‘functioning’. Following discussions, Anne and CBS decided it would work much better to make an animated film inspired by the playing of the group that they could then choose to respond to directly, or that might just be screened in the same space whilst they were playing.


A set of cues were generated through rehearsals that became a loose framework for a soundtrack, to some extent paying homage to the space-rock bands of the 1970s. This was further developed by the introduction of a visual/marketing concept ‘The Dream of Space’ to help draw a larger audience through association with groups such as Pink Floyd, Gong and Hawkwind. This was highly successful and the band’s album launch at Alston Observatory was a sellout. Working with a pre-determined time framework enforced a structural narrative giving a prefixed length and order of sections. These impositions asked for different emphasis to be applied in exploring the qualities that could be developed within the confines.   

Key Concerts:


Alston Observatory (album launch) 04/03/18

Hebden Bridge Trades Club (live radio broadcast) 07/04/18

Preston Jazz Festival 08/06/18 (live streamed)

Jimmys Manchester 

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