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“...A great opportunity to be able to not only play with other people and to jam along with other instruments that I’ve not played alongside before but it was also a chance to improve my playing and my abilities in improvising, plus making new friends”  Harry - Workshop participant 2024.

A big part of what CBS do is to be out in the community facilitating music-making. Whether in school, college or uni or pub, club arts or community venue or at a festival, as music educators of over twenty years experience, we know that musicians learn best by doing. As such, the workshop sessions are participatory, sharing spaces, where players can develop in a supported, non-judgemental environment.  

Sessions are designed to cater for a wide range of experience, age and instrumentation and share ideas and approaches that CBS have found useful. Though we have standard templates for workshops, examples given below, the content for each session is carefully considered to help it work for the participants. Let us know what you need.

" I would recommend this workshop to supplement any performance-based delivery or project as a great experience to introduce students to improvisation.’ Leah Eccles - Tutor Blackburn College, after workshop Nov 2023.

Stage 1: Doorways to Improvisation 

  • What is Improvisation?

  • Learning to play together

  • Roles within the music

  • Developing a given idea

Stage 2: Improving Improvisation

  • Listening and responding

  • The development and life of ideas

  • Phrasing and rhythmic interaction

  • Instant composition



In this radio interview Simon can be heard talking about the workshops and how improvisation should be available to all. (CBS Segment including music begins approx half-way though the programme.)













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