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'Doorways to Improvisation' Workshops


The workshops exist to disseminate the project's findings, to help spread what CBS do outside of the group of players that are directly involved. As the group evolved and to an extent came of age, it was clear that there were key themes or aspects that could be shared, taken from CBS' experiences and given as useful insight or advice to other players. These players have ranged widely in experience range, age, instrumentation. 

Musicians learn by doing, so where possible you don't just want to talk about a technique you want to get them to do it. As such the workshops were split between explanation and lightly directed playing.


Topics covered included: The necessity to go beyond technical skills in order to reach successful group improvisation, the removal of ego, active-listening, communication and working from agreements. 


Ribble Valley Jazz Festival (04/05/19.) Circa 25 players joined the workshop. Some of these players then returned to join CBS onstage in the evening performance.


Preston Jazz & Improvisation Festival (02/06/19) the above workshop was repeated.


Moor Park High School (08/02/19.) A thirty minute talk and practical demonstration 'What is Improvisation?" was given by the group introducing young people to key concepts and approaches used by Cold Bath Street in their improvisations. 

In this radio interview Simon can be heard talking about the workshops and how improvisation should be available to all. (CBS Segment including music begins approx half-way though the programme.)



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