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Welcome to Cold Bath Street

Music-Making Through the Interaction of People 


Using improvisation to share and encourage group music-making through workshops, concerts, recordings and collaboration with other artists

To Boldly Go Where No Group Has Gone Before! 


The GRID sessions have multiplied! August 11th will see a new session begin at leading independent venue The Grayston Unity in Halifax. This will join our existing monthly session at the Ferret in Preston. We love grassroots music and these two venues are both brilliant examples with which we are so happy to collaborate.


What is a GRID session? - The players are given a GRID that tells them when to play but not what to play. This takes the group improvisations into weird and wonderful territory! Guests and audience are very welcome to come down and get involved or just soak in the music.

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Latest Sounds

We regularly record our music! Find a recent recording below or dive into Soundcloud and explore more.

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