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A Dream of Space - Album Launch - Alston Observatory

Tickets including vinyl album and transport

Facebook Event

Admission strictly by advance ticket only

“Like nothing I’ve ever heard”

Lou Wowski Dark Matter Promotions

Over the last four years Cold Bath Street have developed into a grown into a musical force. Their work refuses to be pigeonholed. No two shows are the same. Audiences can only agree that whatever ‘it’ is ‘it’ is an amazing journey and that you have to be there to witness it. Last year CBS worked alongside Soft Machine’s Gary Boyle, Jazz North’s Stephen Grew, released their first album and headlined the Friday of Futuresound Festival.

To coincide with the release of the group’s second album “Sound Research Rebellion” they are staging a one-off show at Alston Observatory where they will work in response to visuals from artist Anne Fox and the staff and telescopes of the observatory. The audience and the music will journey through a cosmos in which CBS tip their hats to Pink Floyd, Bowie, Can and Sun Ra.

“This is a thank you to everyone that has supported the group but also an amazing opportunity to work in a completely different environment …a stage in space”

Simon Partridge

Support from Third City

Tickets for the event are £10 which gets you a copy of the vinyl album, ticket for the gig and transport to and from the university’s main campus. Due to space restrictions at the planetarium the number of tickets is strictly limited. We apologise in advance to anyone who is unable to secure tickets.

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